Sea Water Pumps for Marine Air Conditioners - Cruisair PMA1000, PML500, P100

Cruisair PML500, Dometic PML500, Marine Air PML500 Marine Air P500, Cruisair PMA1000, PMA1000C


Cruisair PML500, Cruisair PML500C 

Cruisair PML500L, Marine Air PML500

Cruisair PMA500, Cruisair PMA500C

Marine Air PM500, Marine Air PMP500

Marine Air P500  

Dometic PML500, Dometic PML500C

Also Available

Cruisair PMA1000, Cruisair PMA1000C 

Dometic PMA1000, Dometic PMA1000C

Cruisair PMA500, Cruisair PMA500C

Dometic PMA500 Dometic PMA500C

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Marine Air P100, P100Z and Cruisair P1500BXT Sea Water Pumps For Multiple Marine Air Conditioners.


Marine Air Conditioning Sea Water Pumps.

Marine Air P100, P100Z and Cruisair P1500BXT is shown.


Marine Air P120 and Cruisair PMA1000 Pump also Available.


Also Available for Multiple air conditioners.

Dometic Cruisair PMA1000 Pump

Dometic  Cruisair PMA1000C pump  

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Pump Relay Panel 2-6PRP, 2-PRP Fully Electronic with Triggers - and Dual Voltage 115V to 230V


Pump Relay Panels
Part # 2-PRP - (2) Unit Model

Part # 2-6PRP - (2) thru (6) unit Model
(They are Dual Voltage, for 110v or 230v)
2 unit shown with cover off.

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